Summer Camp

The 2016 Sumner camp season will run June 27 - August 19 at our building in Newton!

Register for Summer Camp We are open for 8 weeks of camp this summer!
  1. June 27 - Space Available (Note: Week #1 is available for day-by-day registration on a space available basis).
  2. July 5 - Space Available (Note: No camp on July 4th. Week #2 is available for day-by-day registration on a space available basis).
  3. July 11 - Space Available
  4. July 18- Space Available
  5. July 25 - Space Available
  6. August 1 - Space Available
  7. August 8 - Half Full
  8. August 15 - Space Available

To register, fill out and return these forms to us.

School of Circus Arts

2016 Spring schedule is UP!

Classes are here! To sign up for any class, call 617-527-0667 or email

Register now for April Vacation Week at Simply Circus! Vacation days run 9am to 3pm and include lunch. Camp is $85/day.

Circus Research and Academics

This website provides a host of academic and research tools for those that are studying the circus arts. Our Research Databases are a good place to start your research.

Popular articles

Some of our more popular research articles are listed here:
  • So you want an aerial point at home?. This article is from the book Introduction to Rigging: Aerialist Essentials
  • An Aerial Point in your Studio. This is an early draft article from the book Introduction to Rigging: Existing Structures, covering many of the things you need to think about before installing an aerial point in a commercial space.
  • Hoop Diving Hoops. This article looks at the various types of hoop diving hoops in use, and how they are each constructed.
  • Hand Balancing Equipment. This article looks at the different hand balancing equipment, and how to make it.
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Circus Word

The area behind the big top where props, animals, and performers are readied for the performance. This area may also contain the dressing rooms, performers tents, the performing animal cages, densring stock tents (padrooms), wardrobe and costume departments, doctor's wagon, tailor's wagon and performer's rest areas and other circus support. This area is off limits to the general public.

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